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Delegated administration

Site Manager

In the Site Manager module the following entities are maintained:

  • Domains
  • Tenant Systems
  • Administrators (for Tenant Systems)
  • Leases
  • Cards/key-fobs (Card Management)

Site Manager is part of web-based GUI System Manager, available at:


Domains represent spaces such as offices, business premises, apartments, workshops, garages etc.. A Domain is defined by the private doors, shared door, and privileges allocated to it. By adding a Domain to a Tenant System, the doors and privileges of the Domain become available for access administration in the Tenant System.

Tenant Systems

These are virtual access control systems provided for tenants to manage their own access. Administrators of Tenants Systems perform access management in Access Manager.


Administrators of the Tenant Systems. To add a new Administrator you need to supply the administrators email address.


Domains are added to a Tenant System (or an external Site) through a Lease which can be limited by a start- and a end date/time.

Example of common practise

  • A new tenant will rent a space represented by Domain "Office Ground Floor" starting the 1st of Oct and the landlord is providing the tenant "Access Control as a Service".
  • Prior to the 1st of Oct the following tasks is performed in Telcred Site Manager:
    • A new Tenant System is set up for the tenant, along with the tenants Administrators.
    • The Domain "Office Ground Floor" is added to the new Tenant System through a Lease with start date/time 2023-10-01 08:00.
    • The Lease of the previous tenant is set to terminate 2023-10-01 08:00 (automatically).
  • Now the new tenant can start creating access rights.

8 a.m. the 1st of October the access rights in the new Tenant System becomes active and vice versa for the Tenant System of the leaving tenant.

Card Management

All cards within a Site, including Tenant Systems, are listed under Card Management. From Card Management cards can be allocated to both Tenant Systems and Domains. Cards can also be taken back (end allocation). If cards are allocated to Domains it means that the physical cards should be handed over from a tenant to next. New cards can be added/created by specifying a range of cards id:s (DEC). The number of cards that can be created this way is unlimited but it is common to add/create 100-300 at a time.