Offline wireless locks

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When one or more wireless locks from SimonsVoss are connected to an Axis controller, there are some things to be aware of that apply to the situation where the controller is online but the wireless lock is not.

Grant access initiated by the server

A grant access command can be initiated by the server either through an app (e.g. Telcred Personal), the Telcred API, or directly by the administrator from the door page. The command will be received by the Axis controller and result in an Access granted event, reflecting the fact that this is the decision the controller made. However, as the wireless lock is offline, the lock will not actually unlock. When the lock comes back online, there is no "memory effect" and the door will remain locked until the next successful grant access request.

Lock mode changes

A lock mode change can be initiated either by the controller due to a schedule or by the administrator or API through an Override schedule action (for more information see the Doors page). If the controller is online, the lock mode change will be flagged as successful and generate the corresponding event as well as lock state change. But contrary to grant access, if the lock is offline the lock mode change will be carried out as soon as the lock comes back online. In other words, there is a "memory effect".