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Cards refers to both actual cards and keyfobs.

Adding a card

Cards can be added in three different ways:

  1. In Card Management (part of Site Manager) ranges of cards can be generated. This is a great option if the Site includes a large number of cards/key-fobs.
    • From Card Management, cards can be allocated to Tenant Systems.
  2. Press "Add new" under Cards in Access Manager and fill in the details.
    • Card ID must be known and supplied.
  3. Trough a connected reader.
    • Swipe the card/key-fob on a connected reader. Then select Events in the Monitoring section of the menu. An unknown card should appear at the top of the list with a link to add it (it can take a few seconds before the event shows up). Click the link to add the information for the new card.

Card fields

The fields for a card are:

  • Name. The only mandatory field
  • Notes. Optional and for information only
  • Identified by. Can be 'Raw bits' or 'Number'. Raw bits is the default and means that the card is identified by all the bits that the reader receives from the card. If Raw bits is chosen, the Card ID needs to be entered with hexadecimal notation (this is done automatically if the process for adding a card above is followed). We recommend to always use Raw bits, which is exactly what the card reader sends to the controller. If the reader model does some pre-processing of the card identity, it can sometimes work to use 'Number' instead
  • Card ID. The ID of the card in either hexadecimal or decimal notation (see above)
  • User. A card can only belong to one user at the time, but it is possible to reassign it from one user to another. The card can be assigned to a user in this screen or it can be done in the Users screen.
  • Active. It is possible to set a date range for when the card should be active
  • Blocked. A card which has been lost can be blocked. In this case it will not be able to open doors. If the card is found again it can simply be unblocked

At the bottom of the page, there is a link that lets you check the access rights for the card.