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The A9188 controller can control up to eight doors:


Select the doors from the dropdown list (you may need to create them first).

Lock settings

For each of the doors, specify if the lock should be configured as fail-safe or fail-secure.

Lock settings

  • Fail-secure means that the door is locked if the power fails (it is secure from intruders on the outside). This is the default.
  • Fail-safe means that the door is unlocked if the power fails (it is safe for people on the inside, e.g. in the event of a fire).

NOTE: In order for fail-secure and fail-safe to work as intended it is important to connect the wires from the lock to the relay in the correct way.

Monitor settings

The door monitor senses if the door is open or closed. A common type of door monitor is a magnet sensor. A "door forced open" alert will be generated if the door is opened without a prior access granted event (currently, the A9188 does not support open too long alerts).

Monitor settings

For each door, specify if an open circuit means that the door is open or closed. The default is open circuit = open door.

Reader settings

The A9188 does not support readers and can only be used to remote open doors.

REX settings

The A9188 does not support REX (Request to EXit) devices.

Pin chart

After saving or editing the settings for an A9188 controller, Telcred Access Manager generates a pin chart that summarizes the physical connections on the controller. The pin chart is accessed by clicking the link in the lower right hand corner of the controller detail screen:

Pin chart link

Pin chart