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SimonsVoss is a German manufacturer of wireless locks. The locks come in many different variants e.g. door blade readers, digital cylinders, and even a padlock. Wireless locks are battery operated and cost less to install than traditional electric locks and readers. For these reasons, they can be a good alternative for extending the access control system to inner doors (e.g. offices and meeting rooms) or other doors where cost or access to power is a limiting factor.


SmartIntego is a product line from SimonsVoss for connecting lock units to a third party access control system. With SmartIntego, the lock units communicate over a proprietary wireless protocol (on 868 MHz) to a SmartIntego "Gateway node" - or hub - which is then connected to the access control system over IP.

SmartIntego hub

SmartIntego is compatible with Axis A1001 and A1601 Network Door Controllers. One Axis door controller can simultaneously manage one SmartIntego hub and one traditional reader and one or two locks connected directly to the Axis controller. One SmartIntego hub can manage a maximum of 16 SmartIntego locks / doors. It follows from this that one Axis door controller can manage a maximum of 17 doors (1 directly + 16 via the hub). In real life the amount of doors is likely to be lower, since the maximum wireless range for the SmartIntego hub is approx. 25 meters.

SmartIntego lock units can read most common card formats (e.g. Mifare Classic, DESFire, HID iClass) and also be remote opened from the Telcred Access Manager administration interface or from Telcred Personal.